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Originally Posted by dcginc View Post
Anybody mount a light bar on the roof for off road driving? Would like to learn tips on products, mounting, wiring. Would like it to be removable as well.
Here's my setup. First off, roof mount is a good idea. Light dispersion and throw is optimal high up.

I'm using a Rigid Industries SR2 10" in "driving" beam. May seem small but light output easily overtakes stock high beams. Which brings up another point on quality of light bar you select. I tried a few cheaper ones off amazon that were both physically larger, more LEDs, and rate higher lumen then the RI 10" but effective light output was no comparison. Problem with cheaper LED bars is that the beam is not well focused so you typically end up with a ton of light in the foreground and nothing thrown downrange so hotspots is a problem.

Mine is mounted to my roof rack. The rack stays on full time along with the light bracket. I notched the brackets that came with the light and used knobs so light is easily removed. Tested in rough terrain and highway speeds....very secure, partly due to size (weight) of light bar.

Roof rack and light was all taken off the VX when I traded-in for the OB so haven't completed the wiring but I'm doing something perhaps a bit different. I'll be running wires to the back into the trunk area and wire to secondary battery source, either a small AGM or my GoalZero Yeti. I elected for this setup to isolate the lighting and in some ways make it modular and transferable....which came in handy. For switching I'm using this....
It's a really cool little remote on/off switch. Works great and impressive range. I have of which I wired with relay so can switch higher draw accessories but not really needed for the 10" bar. So downside is the switching is with a remote instead of a nice panel mounted switch on a your dash somewhere. But for me it works. I keep the fob with me at remote camps to switch the light on if needed. And since it runs on aux 12v source there no dependency on ignition switch.
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