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Problem - continuous buzz, even with car off 2017 outback

I got a new 2017 outback a few weeks ago to replace my 05. We had a snowstorm last night, this morning I used my dealer supplied remote to start the car, then went out to brush off the snow. When I got in the car, there was an electrical buzz or chime that was continuous. I started the car, buzz stayed on. Turned off car, buzz still on. Repeated that several times, even opened a window, turned off car, got out and locked it, and the buzz is still on. It is obviously trying to tell me something, but I don't know what. I have cleaned off the snow from the windshield, and I am not getting any warnings about Eyesight not working, but am clueless about the buzz, and am concerned that if it continues all day and night the battery will drain. Can't find anything in the manual. The closest I can find is the continuous chime when you leave the car in drive and open the door, but I did that, and it is a different sound. Any suggestions? Also brushed snow off the front and rear, thinking there was a sensor issue, still a constant buzz. Drove the car a block or two to see if some snow had gotten on a sensor, but still have a buzz. Totally out of ideas - other than to disconnect the battery - but not sure what I will have to do to reset things.

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