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bheinz57 01-21-2004 08:13 PM

Chipped paint
Subaru is known for thin paintjobs, my MY02 OBS @ 21,000 miles has more front end chips/scratches than my 93 T-bird had @ 105,000 miles. How is everyone's paint holding up? Could you please state year/model/miles/paint condition/geographic location.

21,800 miles
chips everywhere on front end/hood. Other non-front facing good
I live in Nebraska, in the city, not too many dirt/gravel roads but lots of sand on the road in the winter

Thanks for your participation. Brian

Losiho 01-21-2004 08:28 PM

99 Outback, 79,000km (49,000 miles). Not too many chips on the bonnet ("hood"), if I find any I touch them up with the Subaru touch up paint. I find the body cladding is more delicate and susceptible to chips and marks.

I've also heard that Subaru paint (and also body panels) are pretty thin.

1 Lucky Texan 01-22-2004 08:12 AM

I suspect there are some 'environmental' regulations that have forced manufacturers to explore paint technologies with lower VOCs and other supposed pollutants. This may make paints worse until better (more expensive?) formulations are developed. I've heard the same thing is occuring with house paints.

Also, perhaps there is more chipping noticed on soobs because they are more likely to be driven on questionable road surfaces too!

tn_subieman 01-22-2004 03:14 PM

Somebody in the parking lot where I work (where there are lots of parking slobs, frankly) dinged one of the body-color door handles, of all things, so the plastic shows through. I will get some touchup paint next time I'm at the dealer. Otherwise, I haven't had any problems, but then I've only got 6k on it. The paint looks great thus far but we'll see how it holds up over time.

Injektilo 01-24-2004 02:34 PM

'01 Outback with 67,000 miles - Dayton, Ohio. The front of the hood was a little rough looking when I bought the car (now covered with a hood deflector:)). My car is white so I think that may help a bit with how good the paint looks. The titanium cladding has a few spots on the rear bumper where the plastic shows through. Overall, not bad but I think the white really helps mask small imperfections.


Ottiehund 01-01-2005 04:10 PM

Stone Chip - Paint Repairs
Just wondering what people are using to repair stone chips - we have gravel roads here which equates to regular stone chips onbonnets and front bumpers - too many to use touch up paint as it would simply look unsightly - and really dont want the cost of a repaint just yet.

I purchased a bottle of the coloured polish this weekens and it has helped a lot on the bonnet - the chips are only just noticeable now, so maybe another application or 2 may fix that problem.

Just interested if anyone has any tips - has anybody tried the polish that has the "repair stick" with it - Turtle Wax I think.


chrisx 01-03-2005 07:35 PM

When I purchased my OB in Feb 2004, the bonnet was literally stonechipped (even though there was a plastic protector on the car). I recently had it resprayed as well as the bumper and front fenders and it looks great now. I also applied Stonegard which is a film like a car bra which is almost invisible and so far no problems. I guess when I eventually do go to those gravel roads we will see how it holds up. Have a look at my gallery to see how hard it is to see it unless you are at a certain angle.

Bit of a plug I know.....

CPToversteer 01-03-2005 09:10 PM

i use something similar to Stoneguard on bikes and headlights, and it really is pretty invisible and doesn't seem to block much light transmission.


Just wondering what people are using to repair stone chips - we have gravel roads here which equates to regular stone chips onbonnets and front bumpers - too many to use touch up paint as it would simply look unsightly - and really dont want the cost of a repaint just yet.
what abt the Mudrat Makeover? you wouldn't worry abt stone chips after that....:D and not sure what he gets, but considering cost of quality repainting.....
(just kidding, i'm sure cost to ship to AUS alone wd be p[rohibitive even if you did want the over the top and Crush the Hindmost look) :D :D

Ottiehund 01-04-2005 04:04 AM

Yeah, I agree - My H6 has a product similar to your invisi guard on the bonnet, and it has stopped mostly all chips except for the odd one that strayed above the application line and hit nearer the windscreen. Well worth the investment (my thanks to the first owner who did all this then only kept the car a few months!).

I also have some chips on the H6 on the front guards where they were pinged with stones that went flying over my car when some idiot overtook us in the middle of some speed controlled road works - that incident took out my 2 fog lights as well - so I now have a similar but thicker film on them as well (after forking out $600 or so to replace them)! I was not impressed but did not get this prat's number as I was concentrating on stopping and getting out of his way rather than focusing on him as he drove past me, so could not report him.

Marie's Impreza does not have anything on the bonnet and it is chipped, and it looks rough as it is a dark colour and shows the white undercoat - although the coloured polish has helped that a bit, so I am hopeful that with a few more applications.....

Tks - GRANT:mad:

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