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zwades613 02-21-2019 09:56 PM

2019 fog light install- 2.5 base
Just got a 2019- fog light kit doesn’t account for eyesite buttons- where does switch go?

zwades613 02-21-2019 09:58 PM

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Here are the buttons- eyesight where switch should go. Blank switch on bottom row has a four wire but not the same as fog light switch- did they change kit for 2019?

ClovisMan 02-21-2019 11:08 PM

On my 2019 OB that came with fog lights, the switch is part of the turn signal stalk.

zwades613 02-22-2019 08:27 PM

Thanks, going to dealer tomorrow to see if they can order the stalk or if there is a specific switch for 2019 model. Nothing in my drivers manual from Subaru

weldonjr2001 03-16-2019 06:14 AM


Originally Posted by zwades613 (Post 5781845)
Just got a 2019- fog light kit doesn’t account for eyesite buttons- where does switch go?

There is no factory fog light kit for the 2019 base model yet, and the 2018 kit, as you discovered (me too) has the switch location problem. And even after finding another blank to mount the switch in, and getting what I think is the right harness connected, will not pick up the fog light relay.

I’m working on getting my kit working, but it’s a struggle at present.

zwades613 03-28-2019 08:51 PM

I got the stalk with fog light switch and installed it. Lights still don't come one. The wiring for the fog light switch was present on the opposite end where the new switch plugged in. The fog light switch stalk has two extra wires that the base switch did not but they are in the harness on the base. Therefore, I believe that either the other end of the fog lights are not hooked into the system or the other of the switch is not hooked into the system. Going to try to follow the wires back. I have found a lot of thinks that are taped off in blue under the hood (not used). Maybe one of these connections just need to be made. Also, I check fuses- fog light relay from 2018 kit goes in right spot. I can't find any fuse that I am missing or none for fog light switch.

zwades613 03-29-2019 03:38 PM

All you need to do is add a fuse 7.5 to alt s- it is listed on diagram but only one missing a fuse. So 2018 kit, turn signal stalk with fog light switch. I’m going to use the accessory switch from 2018 kit for a light bar down the road!

Anton.Galluchi 04-15-2019 11:19 PM

How difficult was it to replace the stalk?

ken.truong.904 05-08-2019 05:37 PM

Did you have to remove both the airbag module and the steering wheel in order to replace the signal stalk?

unc22x 05-20-2019 11:55 PM

Does anyone know if the 2019 3.6 touring comes with LED fog lights?

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