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Subaru McIntosh 13 pin diagram further info.

The Subaru Outback 2002 McIntosh System consists of an AM/FM/Weatherband/CD/Cassette Stereo Control Center (preamp). A 200 watt Amplifier under the right front seat. This amp has a four Channel input but a five channel output since it adds a subwoofer channel. This amp features a 6 band, 4 channel parmetric equalizer. It has two front tweeters as well as front and rear right and left 6.5" coaxial speakers. The subwoffer is a 6" X 9" mounted in the right rear cargo area on wagon models and the left rear parcel shelf on sedan models. There is special acoustical treatment in this vehicle which makes a great difference.

I put a Butler Car Tube Amp (TDB 575+) in with an Alpine PXE H650 imprint DSP. I wanted to keep the McIntosh HU and have it so upon selling the car I could simply detach harnesses and then clip wires under carpets and all would be restored to the original factory system. I have not modified the speakers but later intend to swap out the front speakers for Hybrid Technologies middle line L series. I double checked this below wiring info and it was accurate. My system works perfectly and I was careful to solder all connections as this is too much work to have noise from somewhere unknown. I noticed after listening to my modified system that the original McIntosh amp shunted (ie X0) the lower frequencies from the front and rear speakers to the sub in the back. I suspect this was to allow a less powerful amp to be used. I have much more power now (75 watts min per channel, 200 on channel 5 -with the special plus + model) and the sound is richer. BTW, you can get 13 pin female connectors to "tap" off the car DIN from but let them solder the wire to the female DIN.

Subaru Mcintosh wiring harness for Outback 2002

View is facing factory wiring harness connector for McIntosh Stereo CD Cassette player
(Information from: )
I have changed the color coding from the above Australian link to correspond with my US model Subaru. 90% agreement.

1 2 3 X X 4 5 6
7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

1 Violet Radio Illumination Light +
2 Red/Yellow Right Front door tweeter/speaker (+) (Brown/white at Speaker)
3 Brown/White Left Front door tweeters/speaker (+) (red/yellow at speaker)
4 Blue/Yellow Right Rear door speaker (+) ( blue/yellow at speaker)
5 White/Red Left Rear door speaker (+) (blue/yellow at speaker)
6 Blue/Red Main Fuse box, fuse no. 2 (15A) (battery - continuous power)
7 N/A Unused (Remote Turn on)
8 White/Black Right front door tweeter/speaker (-) (Green at Speaker)
9 Green Left front door tweeter/speaker (-) ( White/Black at Speaker)
10 Yellow/Green Fuse and relay box, fuse number 9 (15A) (ACC - switched power)
11 Black Chassis ground
12 Red/White Right rear door speaker (-) (red/White at Speaker)
13 Red/Black Left rear door speaker (-) (red/White at Speaker)
14 Green Remote Amp Turn On
? Orange/White Radio Illumination Light (-)

Metra Electronics Corp. Subaru male wiring harness number 70-8301

1 orange Illumination
2 gray Right Front +
3 White Left Front +
4 Violet Right Rear +
5 Green Left Rear +
6 Yellow 12 V battery/memory
7 N/A
8 Grey/Black Right Front -
9 White/Black Left front -
10 Red 12 V ignition/Acc.
11 Black Ground
12 Violet/Black Right Rear -
13 Green/Black Left Rear -
14 Blue Power antenna or Remote turn on

Subaru 2002 Outback Macintosh amplifier (under right front seat) wiring harness
(Information from Personal visual color code verification and Subaru web site paid access to wiring diagrams which do not include the DIN diagrammed further below)

1 Red/Black Power
2 Violet Right Front +
3 Pink Left Front + (Strangely, on my unit the polarity of 3and 9 was reversed! I believe my factory amp was wired in error)
4 Light Green Right Rear +
5 Orange Left Rear +
6 Violet Subwoofer +
7 Red/Black Power
8 White Right Front -
9 White Left front -
10 Black Ground
11 Black Ground
12 White Right Rear -
13 White Left Rear -
14 White Subwoofer -

Subaru 13 pin Din cable wiring diagram
( information from: ) and

audan post dated 4-15-2007. This DIN cable appears to be male at both ends but I have verified it only at the amp end. It carries a line level output to the amplifier.

The view is as you look at the female DIN coming from the deck: (X is a pin)

4 3 2 1
8 7 6 5
12 11 10 9

1: Front Left+
2: Front Left-
3: Front Right+
4: Front Right-
5: Amp Turn-On/Remote
6: Ground
7: Rear Left+
8: Rear Left-
9: Not Used
10: Not Used
11: Rear Right+
12: Ground
13: Rear Right-
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