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Sway bar Mod picture tutorial

I finally got around to installing my factory STI bar. I bought the bar on line from a dealer that had a good price. After installing I took the car for a test drive. The bar really helps cut down on some of the under steer. It does NOT eliminate the under steer. I would think you might need a 22mm or larger bar to eliminate it. The STI bar is a good bar for those who want better on highway and good off highway performance.

A few things you need to know.

You do NOT need to jack up the car.
You do NOT need new end links.
You DO need new larger bushings but the bar I ordered came with them.
You DO need a 12mm and 14mm socket and ratchet.
You do NOT need to drive the car up on ramps.

This was the easiest mod I have ever done. On a scale of playschool to rocket engineer its a playschool +1.

How to:
Crawl under car.
Un-bolt 2 14mm link nuts
Un-bolt 4 12mm bushing bolts
Remove bar
Place new larger bushing on new bar
Place new bar into position
Insert one end link and thread on 14mm nut
Insert other end link and thread on 14mm nut
Screw in 4 12mm bolts through bushing brackets
Tighten all nuts and bolts.
Test drive

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