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Official Information on the Outback Stop Sale/ Recall

Hi Everyone,

I hope this doesn't freak any owners or potential owners out. I am posting this to clear up a lot of the speculation I am starting to see. I feel real information can alleviate frustration, hyperbole and panic.

I thought I would share the official info we received from SOA about the stop sale/ recall on certain 2016/17 (I know, we can even order the 17s yet) Outbacks and Legacys.

The recall is for a steering column that may not have been manufactured to specifications. Subaru found an indication that there may be a potential issue and is taking care of it before it can become a real problem.

The Stop Sale is because it is a violation of Federal law for a dealer to deliver a new motor vehicle covered by a recall until the recall is repaired/ remedied.

Note that a having a VIN on the list below does not necessarily mean that it has one of the defective steering columns. Only certain cars have it and the lot number on the steering column has to be checked to know for certain.

----Dealership Notice from Subaru of America----


We regret to inform you that an immediate stop sale order must be placed on
certain 2016 and 2017 model year Legacy and Outback vehicles.

Subaru of America, Inc. has determined that a defect, which relates to motor vehicle safety, exists on these vehicles. Recall code WTD-65 will be assigned to this recall campaign.
This affects certain vehicles within the VIN ranges listed below. Please note that not all vehicles
within the VIN ranges are affected.

Your Region/Distributor will provide you with a detailed list of affected new unsold inventory units [that is for dealers, for customers that already own their cars, you can log into your My Subaru account. SOA will be notifying owners directly via first class mail. The service department at your local dealer may be overwhelmed with inquiries on this, so please be patience with them.]Until you receive your list, any vehicle in inventory within the VIN ranges below must not be
test-driven or sold.

Models Potentially Affected VIN Range (last 8 digits)

2016 Legacy -- From G3045004 to G3059641

2016 Outback -- From G3307507 to G3346346

2017 Legacy -- From H3002001 to H3002024

2017 Outback -- From H3200001 to H3200048

Description of the Safety Defect and Safety Hazard

The steering column in affected vehicles may not have been manufactured to specification. This
could allow the steering column to disengage. If this were to happen while driving, the driver would lose the ability to steer the vehicle, increasing the risk of a crash.

To remedy this condition, it is necessary to inspect the lot number of the steering column. If the vehicle contains a steering column with one of the affected lot numbers, the steering column must
be replaced.

If you have any of the affected models in inventory, please ensure that your sales and service staff
are immediately notified that the unit(s) are un-saleable until the recall campaign is completed and
the claim is submitted.

Please be advised that it is a violation of Federal law for a dealer to deliver a new motor
vehicle covered by a recall under a sale or lease until the defect is remedied. Therefore, any
Authorized Subaru Retailer failing to perform the applicable service procedures to correct
all affected vehicles in their inventory prior to the vehicle being placed in service may be
subject to civil penalties of up to $6,000 per violation (i.e., for each vehicle), as provided in
49 CFR §578.6 and will also be in breach of the Subaru Dealer Agreement.

Repair Parts and Instructions
We are in the process of obtaining repair parts. The WTD-65 repair procedure bulletin will be
posted in the near future.

Owner Notification
Subaru will notify affected vehicle owners by first class mail as soon as possible. Dealers will be
advised in advance of owner notification.

----END Dealership Notice END----


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