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Originally Posted by Rub View Post
You also jump up and down screaming at the microwave, "Hurry, Hurry!"?

Seriously, if a dealer posts here they don't enough info today to perform the inspection you're going to call that a irrevocable reflection on Subaru in general and move on to another car brand tomorrow morning? WTF? Did I read your intentions correctly?
That is not what was posted. What I read is that in order to see if a particular car is affected someone needs to look at the Lot number on the steering column, I don't think that should take 2 days. I didn't say I would move on from Subaru, I said I would move on. First step will be to determine if my dealer has another option that is not affected, 2nd step will be to contact other dealers in the area. If I can not buy a car withing a couple days from Subaru, yes I will move on to another car. We need car now, not in a few days or weeks.

Yes it is a reflection on Subaru in general, we had other options on Saturday and choose Subaru, but was pretty close tie. So in that case if the difference is the other manufacturer can deliver a car and Subaru can't then yes I will go with the other option.
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