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Slight Rattle Noise in "Auto"

Hey Guys,

I have a 2011 Outback 2.5i Premium with 20,800 miles. The car makes a slight rattle noise upon soft acceleration while in "Auto." The car does not make any noise at all when in "Manual" mode....very weird. The rattling noise occurs anywhere between 10-25mph. The noise stops when you feel the car shift out of the its initial gear. So, we hear it quite often while in stop and go traffic.

We brought the car to the dealer and they confirmed that they heard the noise in "auto" and also confirmed the sound is not heard in "manual" mode. The mechanic said he couldn't pinpoint the noise and right now they're considering it a non-issue.

I've gone under the car to see if the heat shield around the exhaust was wasn't and I've also looked for any loose piece of plastic under the car and luck.

Anybody have any areas to look into? I honestly can't tell if it's coming from the engine area or under the car.


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