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Pinout of 13 pin din Amp Connector on McIntosh HUs

So, being as I want to install my own Kenwood Excelon headunit in to my VDC, the McIntosh has to come out. I DO, though, want to utilize the amp under the seat provided with the McIntosh system. That way, I just have to add a sub amp and sub and I'm done.

Only problem is, the McIntosh deck connects to the amp with a 13 pin changer style DIN cord. All aftermarket HUs have RCA jacks for their line out. I pulled the deck out tonight, yanked the interface board, and determined the pinout of the din cable. All channels are line level.

The deck model number is PF-23431-A.

As you look at the female DIN cable coming from the deck: (X is a pin)
4   3   2   1
X   X   X   X
8   7   6   5
X   X   X   X
12  11  10  9
X   X   X   X
1: Front Left +
2: Front Left -
3: Front Right +
4: Front Right -
5: Amp Turn-On/Remote
6: Ground
7: Rear Left +
8: Rear Left -
9: Not used
10: Not used
11: Rear Right +
12: Ground
13: Rear Right -

Feel free to distribute this info anywhere!

Put the HU all back in, now to make a din -> RCA adapter and figure out where to mount my sub amp/sirius tuner/Music Keg!

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