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Thanks for sending the screenshots @atc98092. I've been trying to recreate all of the issues that you've reported and have not been fully successful, although I have noted a few things. When I access the site in Chrome, I can click on the chevron icon and it takes me to the top of the last read post (with nothing cut off). When I click the title of the thread, it takes me to the very first post (not the last unread). When I go back to the main forum page, the chevron still shows up even after reading the post(s), however it does disappear if I refresh the page.

When I access the site using Firefox, I get slightly different behaviour. When I click on the chevron, it takes me to the latest posts, but the page jumps a couple of times as the ads on the page are loading. The second 'jump' results in the view that you see (top 2 lines of the post missing), however, once the ads have all loaded, it returns to a regular/full view of the most recent post. Just makes me wonder whether the view you are seeing is ad related. Did you mention if you are using an ad-blocker or not?

I should also note that in Firefox, the chevron/bold title does not disappear on its own, rather only after refreshing the page (like in Chrome).

You're right. It's definitely a bit puzzling and worth taking a closer look at. I'm curious if anyone else is experiencing the same issues or if it's an isolated situation. Anyone else want to chime in?



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