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I have the hitch gate. I used it on my Land Cruiser when I switched to 34in tires.

Its heavy!! Great gear but heavy. I use our OB like a truck nearly daily. Yesterday I was at my elder dads house, ladder, my rolling 80lb tool box and some other stuff. House projects. I have rentals so that same load is a common one to other locations. Next week my 4x6 trailer gets put into service to replace 28ft of wood fencing.

In June we switch to vacation mode 4 bikes, plus 4x6 trailer in tent trailer mode/camping gear hauling to Tahoe for 6days.

Number one problem is simply load rating tossing a tire frame on the hitch that weighs over 100lbs just to carry a tire is a huge hit to your gear hauling capacity.

I’ve done lots of adventures in the Subaru and my trucks. I will say this the subaru awd greatly reduces shredding a tire vs the dumb 4x4 my heavy truck has which can mangle heavy BFG KO2s easily.
On rugged terrain trips in the Subaru I pack a compressor and a quality plug kit. If I ever do crazy rocky super remote locations Ill pick up a full size spare and toss it in the back on the floor then pack gear on top.
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