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In another thread, it was suggested that it might be possible to fool your programming device into working on an '18 OB by telling the device that you've got a '17 or '18 Impreza. Apparently, some of these devices have the Imprezas listed in their coverage chart but not '18 (or '19) OBs. But the Impreza setting works, for some, at least.

Alternatively, the people at my Discount Tire shop told me they'd reprogram the car twice a year for free, because I bought winter tires (with the hazard warranty) from them. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm cautiously optimistic (and, unless they've got a new device, it will test the Impreza theory.) HPH

Subaru #8 is the best one yet ... although the Legacy GT Spec B and Gen 3 OBXT were pretty nice...and the STi was no slouch.
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