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Originally Posted by Fibber2 View Post
The transmission frequency, in this case 315 megahertz or 433 megahertz is assigned by the gov't agency that determines all radio transmission bands. The FCC in the United States picked 315. Japan and much of Asia followed suit. The agency in Europe picked 433. The FCC did not object to supporting two bands in the US. Otherwise European cars would have to support two systems as well.
@Fibber2, first, thank you for the knowledge you have been able to share with us on the MY18 TPMS. I've got a 2018 Outback arriving in a week or two and since I live in Germany and we spend many winter weekends skiing in the Alps, dedicated snows are a must. Actually, just about everyone here has a second set of wheels/tires because you're liable in an accident if you're on the wrong type of tires. I quoted the above because it got me wondering if the EU-spec Subarus had 433 MHz sensors the entire time? The EU-Spec cars are made in Japan if it matters in any way.

All the main online tire retailers in Germany don't differentiate the 2018 Outback from the 2015+ models. What I don't know is if it's because they simply don't know or because the EU-Spec models have always been using the 433 MHz sensors. Keep in mind, Subaru is tiny in Germany. Last year they sold ~9k cars in total. There are probably dealerships in New England or Colorado that could match that If you happen to know if 315 MHz are allowed/used in Europe please enlighten me. I'll also call into our equivalent of TireRack/DT and see what they say about the TPMS sensors they would supply.

Edit: I called and they didn't know of any change for the 2018 models but wouldn't give me any details on the sensors they would have supplied. They told me to get the full TSN number (a German vehicle code that describes a car model and configuration) which I won't have until I pick up the vehicle.

Edit#2: From what I can tell all the EU TPMS sensors are 433 MHz. I finally managed to get a part number out of an online retailer, one that actually differentiated between the 2018 and the 2015-2017 Outbacks and they supply the same sensor for both: ProSens 73907101. From what I can see this is a 433 MHz sensor.

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