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Originally Posted by Twan View Post
I did try other shops and they all pointed me to dealer bc they couldn’t get it to work.

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Originally Posted by Fibber2 View Post
OK, you need to spend some time in one of those shops and go thru this process step by step and report the data so that we can see where the process is failing.

With a handheld tool, walk around the car and ping each sensor. Each wheel sensor should report back at minimum the unique ID code, the tire pressure and battery status (hopefully you get an OK). You probably won't get a temperature readout. The sensors should respond within 10 seconds or so. If they don't, try again. If they are really slow, you might have a bad sensor.

Photograph the tool screen or write the numbers down.

Try uploading those 4 codes thru the OBD port. Then try your reader tool and see if they are really retained.
@Fibber2, you're very helpful and I hope @Twan can get this going and report back.

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