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Clutch Engagement Point Changing

Hi Everyone,

In or around August of last year, I replaced everything clutch related (flywheel, disk, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, master cylinder, and slave cylinder.

A few days ago I noticed when I'm on the highway (or haven't pressed the clutch pedal for several minutes), the engagement point gets a lot closer to the floor. If I pump the pedal about four or five times, it comes back up where it's supposed to be and will stay like that unless it's not pressed again for awhile.

My question is if the master or slave need to be replaced, and if so, how can I tell which one? I don't want to end up throwing parts at it.

Also, could it just need a bleeding again?

I had a problem with this on my Maxima back in the day where I had to constantly replace the "lifetime" warranty slave cylinder. I attributed that to haggard Autozone parts.

Is it worth going to Subaru to buy legit parts to replace whichever one is going bad already?


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