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Originally Posted by Fibber2 View Post
I've been doing uploads on TPMS on 4 vehicles (winter & summer tire changes) since 2011 with an ATEQ Quickset, Autel TS-408, and now have a TS-508. I've not had system operational issues, so probably no DTC's set. But as these are not the typical P0xxx or P1xxx codes, what DTC did you get, what tool did you use for reading it out, and what tool did you use for clearing it? Thanks!
I meant the TPMS lamp; I equated it to a DTC. The tool prompted me to clear DTC codes, and I selected the option to do it. The TPMS lamp went out and I did not even have to drive it for it to go off. When I had Discount Tire do it last year, I had to drive a few minutes at least before the lamp went off.

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