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While the TS-508 with 8 included sensors seems like a great deal, in the long run the savings might not be as much as you think...

The problem is that the package includes the old style sensors: 4 of the 315mhz and 4 of the 433mhz. These were superseded by dual band MX-1 sensors over a year ago (maybe long). The TS-508 has been out in the marketplace 2 years this April, so may of these "K" kits could be 15 to 20 months old at this point. Most places don't even sell them anymore. If you have immediate need for units of both frequency and will put all 8 right into service, the price can't be beat. But if not (one set will remain in the kit unused, for instance), you might be better off just buying the tool and new style sensors as you need them.

The old sensors were heavier, while the new ones are the reduced weight and form factor very similar to the new Schrader EZ 33500. It's easier to balance with less applied external weights. With revised electronics and fewer internal parts count, battery life is likely longer too. And they include both transmitters in one shell for maximum flexibility and all applications.

You can order MX-1's with rubber valve stems for around $90 for a set of 4, metal stems for around $100. I bought 4 metal ones on ebay recently for $98. Just something to consider....

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