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Originally Posted by chanrobi View Post
The easiest way of doing this, when I did my MC and Slave is to actually take the entire system off the car and just lay it out.

The MC, hose to the slave, (I bypassed the clutch damper), can be connected and bled off the vehicle and reinstalled as a unit. Just as the above poster described.

There will be NO question whether there is a bleeding issue.

Old hoses can be swollen or be worn out but you may not be able to see this wear.

I bled the MC seperately before replacing the hose to make the entire process easier. then connected everything off the vehicle.

Bleeding the system by pressing the clutch pedal as demonstrated by a million crappy youtube videos is not the proper way of doing it. (without blocking slave)

That video is where I learned of 'blocking' the slave cylinder! It is absolutely f'n magic!
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