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My Wagons Progression. Instagram: the_welfare_wagon

Hello All,

It's been awhile since I posted so I wanted to share the progress. I have made as well as modifications I have made to my car. Below is a list of things that I can think of offhand:

2 Inch Front lift(Soon to be 2.75), 1.5 Inch Rear lift(soon to be 2.5)
.5 Inch lifted rallitek overload springs
Mevotech front control arms
Godspeed rear control arms
235/75/15 Falken Wildpeaks AT3W(previously 225/65/17 KO2s on sparco terras)
15x7 5x127 JEGS D window steelies
Roof-basket with full size spare
Front 36" light bar with 4 pods and rear single row 31" led bar
Custom rear window cages
Boss BV960NV radio
Custom 3/16 Aluminum skid plate
Rallitek Transmission skid plate

So its been a busy time. My current project is getting the 235/75/15 Wildpeaks to fit nicely. The rear pinch weld is proving to be an issue but they fit nicely otherwise. The 15 inch rims fit without issues, no caliper mods required. Possibly because its a 5x127 bolt pattern(Jeep) but i'm not educated enough on that topic to be a reliable source so that's just my guess.

In the past 1.5 years or so I've put about 45k on the car and about 16k of that is road-trip miles, meaning i've got plenty of adventures as well as a fair share of offroading.

Before I go into the roadtrips I have wanted to give my own opinion on the off road abilities of this car, mine being a 2.5i Auto. It's pretty **** good for what it is. The most limiting factor of this car is its horrible amount of suspension travel. If the sway bars are disconnected it gives an acceptable amount of travel but you are not going to compete with a solid axles travel. I have been stuck about 5 or 6 times and all have been because I ran out of travel and 2 wheels come off the ground. You can avoid this issue with momentum however from a stand still the rear LSD does NOT have the grunt to get the car moving. It turns into an open diff. That being said this car continues to impress me with what it can do. It took 3 wranglers on 35x12.5 inch tires 3 attempts to get up a sandy hill, as well as 3 attempts for one on 37x14.5 inch tires(Shown on my Instagram page). It only took me one attempt. So I was quite pleased with my OB. It was even better when I learned 2 of the jeeps were fully locked as well. Overall I am quite pleased with my Outbacks performance and it continues to impress me when it does things I didn't think a Subaru could do. If I had to buy another 3rd gen i would go with an optioned out Flat 6. The 2.5 leaves much to be desired in terms of performance.

Now onto my road trips. I have taken this car to Vermont 3 times now and provincetown as well as countless Upstate, NY camping excursions. The OB handles exceedingly well on the road. In My current state I can whip it around some off-ramps faster than some sedans are willing to do. That being said it is a PITA to drive in wind. The thing is a massive wind sail but is controllable, but the constant lane corrections take their toll and eventually tire you out. As far as the ride it is pretty smooth. When its not windy a 6 hour or so drive is not uncomfortable and is quite enjoyable. (I assume that most of my wind issue comes from my roof basket. It it loaded with my spare, a gas can as well as a water jug. Taking that off may solve this issue) My Outback has in my mind become the ultimate do it all car. It can handle long road trips with no issue and will get me down just about any trail I attempt to do. While something Like a jeep or 4runner/Tacoma is better off road, the outback dominates pavement. In my current state I get 24 MPG highway and 18 to 21 average. Roughly 250 Out of a tank with about 6 or so gallons of fuel to spare.( I generally take only 12 gallons out of the tanks 17 when I fill up). If you have any questions feel free to ask, everything done to this car has been done by me so I have a decent knowledge of working on 3rd gens

I have Included pictures of my many adventures below with more to come! My Instagram is @the_welfare_wagon

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