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Originally Posted by jimpal View Post
...Also, startup jerkiness was reduced in the 2018’s. So, actually a 2018 or later 3.6 with a CVT is pretty sweet...
Reference? I briefly considered upgrading to a 2018. I recall a whole thread about 2018 "improvements", with multiple claims of the CVT in the 3.6 "shifting smoother" (giving some of us a nice chuckle), but with nothing but a few subjective impressions from test drives or upgrades to back it up. There were also claims that this CVT performance enhancement was documented in a press release, but no reference could be provided. The official 2018 press release only says they made the TR580 CVT (used in the 2.5) quieter. IIRC, some of the more vocal members on this topic had recently upgraded from an earlier Gen 5 to the 2018, so it started smelling like the typical confirmation bias you get from folks suffering from "upgraditis". Anyway, I just remember finding it odd because my CVT has always felt perfectly smooth, and I believe I was not alone in that opinion. Perhaps some of us were just lucky.
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