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Originally Posted by aesthetic.rake View Post
I had a look at the description of the T/B kit you linked to at amazon...

Timing Belt Kit Subaru Impreza 2.2L 1999-2001. Includes: timing belt, water pump with gasket, timing belt tensioner assembly, right timing belt idler (smooth), left lower timing belt idler (smooth), cogged timing belt idler, two accessory drive belts, front crankshaft seal, two front camshaft seal kits, thermostat, thermostat gasket.This kit has original equipment manufactured parts, identical brands that originally came with the vehicle. The timing belt is Mitsuboshi or Bando brand. The water pump is NPW or Aisin of Japan. The thermostat is Kuzeh of Japan. All idler and tensioner bearings are double rowed and made in Japan by Koyo and NSK. The hydraulic tensioner assembly brand is NTN of Japan. The drive belts are Bando and the seal brand is Stone of Japan. Subaru recommends replacement every 105,000 miles or 105 months, whichever occurs first. This kit includes everything that should be replaced when doing a timing belt replacement. This kit will service Subaru Impreza's with 2.2L engines with a year range of 1999-2001. services years: 1999, 2000, 2001.
Looks like good quality parts are in that kit. Japanese bearings. Water pumps are good brands. I don't know about the "bando" brand though.

Looks quality, even though it's expensive.

I had a look at AISIN's website and you're right--they make no kit for your car.
I had a look at that too which is basically the only reason I even considered it. Maybe I can message the seller and ask that they at least make sure the Mitsuboshi timing belt is included and the Aisin water pump. Not sure how far that would get me though

Originally Posted by eagleeye View Post
it seems they don't make them for the 2.2, save the tensioner adjuster and the waterpump.

Aisin waterpump is only $35 on rockauto.

So for the rest of the timing set: I would be buying subaru OEM stuff. (and therefore getting no JUNK)
I agree. I may go this route.

Originally Posted by 1 Lucky Texan View Post
Thanks @Lucky Texan! I sent them a PM.
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