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DaveAG 09-10-2018 11:11 PM

2017 Limited-7” HK w/ Nav Head Unit Replacemnt
Ever since I bought my Outback last July, the head unit is the only part of buyers remorse. With my state recently passing no cell phone while driving rules, I’ve got to do something. It seems idatalink is finally releasing harness/ adapter that doesn’t require replacing the amp & rerunning wires to speakers so I’m ready to pull the trigger and replace the head unit with an aftermarket unit that will support CarPlay.

Please indulge me with questions for fellow Gen5 OB owners who have upgraded:
  1. I know replacing the head unit kills Starlink, is this only the emergency calling features or does it even kill remote lock/ unlock and other features via the app?
  2. It also appears back up cameras are now supported but does replacing the head unit kill the back up auto braking and motion sensor?
  3. Does replacing the head unit improve the audio quality of Bluetooth (sound coming over your speakers), should your phone support it?
  4. I’m assuming that replacing the head unit means you lose phone call and turning directions data on the screen between the speedometer/ tachometer?

Thanks in advance!

washjeff68 04-15-2019 06:05 PM

I just completed replacing the head unit on my 2017 2.5 limited. Bought a Pioneer AVH 2330 from Best Buy and had them install it.

The new harness/adapters are basically plug and play, including for Starlink. They had to take the Starlink module (just under the radio on the existing HU) and find a place for it, and it was a tight fit. I have Starlink Safety Plus, and tested it today and it worked. Nice woman came on. asked if I needed help, and told me where I was located. I assume the other features would work as well. The installer had to get some help from Geek Central but they got er done.

All camera funtions were kept, and motion sensors operate. Haven't tested auto breaking, but I assume that works as well.

I find the sound to be much improved, and this HU gives you lots of options for fine tuning. I'm normally plugged in using Spotify on Apple Care Play

Yes, you do lose the turning data/phome call info , but that is all I've noticed. However, I discovered that if i am using Apple Maps for navigating, it syncs with my Apple watch (4) and when a manuver is coming up, my watch vibrates, snd info about the next move shows up on my watch. Not as good as having it right in front of you, but better than looking over at the screen.

I made the change because I got spoiled by having Car Play in my other car (2017 A4).

Hope this helps.

Jeff in Tennessee

washjeff68 04-15-2019 06:28 PM

Found your post on a search. Just noticed that it was from last November.

Hope you found what you wanted😀.

J in T

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