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Conversation Between cardoc and jonny simmons
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  1. jonny simmons
    07-08-2018 10:13 PM - permalink
    jonny simmons
    hi cardoc- 1st ly thanks for the links to the pdf for my vdc.
    - now the issue.
    "mistakenly thought that timing chain length lhs/rhs would be specified in workshop manual.."= wrong.
    "mistakenly thought that timing chain setup would be specified for setting up with chain markings and WITHOUT in workshop manual.."= wrong
    1) 2 timing chains= 2 lengths lhs?rhs? your guess is better than mine!

    2) colored links dont seem to line up even close to where they should do on the sprockets..
    3) unfortunatly, the tensioners fell out of my oily hand onto the floor- and came aprat. seems simple screw/ oil pressure holding the piston up.. do you have a pic of the correct assembly?
    4) they dont compress down to anywhere near where the pin hole is to insert drill bit/ split pin into keep them compressed..

    thanks for help on this one.. jonny in australia..
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