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  1. cardoc
    07-26-2018 04:35 PM - permalink
    Gonna need your email to send the files. I can't send with a message. PM me.

    I am running a 3 bar MAP and 650cc injectors with E85 fuel. If you know your latency values, you can input your latency and flash your car as long as you have a 3 bar. No 3 bar, you'll have to just copy the map to your map. I have EcuFlash with some changes that allowed me to alter the MAP sensor values and a few other things that is not in the definitions. But it is a large file that this forum will not allow me to post. You can go to rom raider's site here RomRaider ? View topic - Tuning EZ30D H6 subaru outback/Liberty toward the bottom of the page.
    The file is labeled VDC Flash under a "CarDoc" post; download the files and put them in EcuFlash and unzip it from there and it will alter the software. You will need to get a 3 bar MAP, WRX wires up the same.

  2. robertaus
    07-26-2018 06:20 AM - permalink
    Hi cardoc

    Just wondering if you would be able to share the tuning definitions that were used for your supercharged outback?, i've followed the progress across the multitude of forums haha and seems like you made good headway

    i've got a ez30d manual swapped Liberty (aus)
    been working on the tune myself, have been able to dig out some tables in my rom based on what was already defined in ecu flash, but its missing ones such as ve ect

    Any help would be appreciated cheers!
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