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  1. cardoc
    07-26-2018 04:41 PM - permalink
    If you use an HID retrofit kit, the low and high beams are one unit. The high beam is controlled by a deflector in the projector and the second light is moot. Utilizing the high beam connector on your car is what controls the deflector. A projector will not fit with two bulbs. My type D have two bulbs but the lower bulb that used to operate on the JDM is a low output daytime light I believe. I don't use it and that portion is blacked out like the rest of the reflector.
  2. robotboy69
    07-24-2018 07:41 PM - permalink
    Hey cardoc,

    I have a Gen2 Outback and I've been looking to do the projector retrofit but I wanted to ask you some quick questions since you've had a lot of experience with this.

    It looks to me like the single bulb housing would be easier to retrofit, but do you run into any issues with wiring the single bulb housing when my car uses the 2 bulb housing?

    Also, are there any advantages of doing the 2 bulb housing over the single bulb housing? Do you have a preference as to which you would use?

    I want the car to be more fitted for offroad use, so I want to make my headlights as bright and useful as possible.

    Thanks in advanced!
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