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This has been my first time Owning a Subaru, I Tried getin My First Subi badge for My 2001 Subaru Outback Legacy Limited edition Auto but instead I got one for my babygirl 15th birthday. I love my car but on the day I was finally able to get her in my name she blew a Rod Bearing. I still got it

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Miss driving her, but I do not have the funds to fix the Rod Bearing. I have been wanting to Either get financed to fix it or Trade her off at Medford, Oregon Subaru. I really need a Subaru that I can get my disabled client into and put his wheelchair in the trunk. I am a Caregiver (I am more at work than I am at home). I am getting my enhanced medical training and my cna certification for my client but a Medford dealership Lemond me A week & a half ago not only did it almost get my client & I in an accident but they also messed up my credit and I hadn't even made it to my 1st scheduled purchased (financed) payment which wasn't until October,2021. They wouldn't even put it in their shop to fix the 2 recalls on the 2014 Ford focus (Transmission & Clutch),nor give me a rental, I am still in the 60 day Warranty and than I had the 2 yr warranty $100 deductible for up to 80K, I only had 60k miles but They kept making an excuse for me to drive it back to them in medford, they even Drove it to me when they were supposed to bring it on a flat bed the same time they were suppose to pick up my 2001 subi (this car).
So if anyone could possibly help me. I could use your heartfelt guidance & Help. I got to GET/Have a Reliable car for my kids and my client.
Thank you in advance

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