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  • Outbackroo ·
    I was wondering if it would be possible to get a name change. I would like to change from trux to OutbackRoo, please. If not possible I understand. Roo is what I am naming my new Outback.
    Timberwolf99 ·
    Did a restore of my phone over the weekend thought I had it licked, yesterday arvo and this morning nothing, but alas no, they are back with avengence tonight. Have had to turn java script off to stop them.
    imagineer ·
    I added a thread to the gallery forum and want to change the title.

    I added the "Ready for road trip" thread with a picture of my outback with a new roof box. Recently, I saw a picture thread on an Audi site that was dedicated to cars with roof boxes installed.

    Would it be possible to rename the thread I started to something like "Outbacks with Roof Boxes" and invite other owners with similarly equipped Outbacks to post their pictures as well?
    frankie868 ·
    Hi folks,

    This is my first post. My wife drives a 2010 Outback 3.6R. It has 37,000 miles on it. We got it new from a dealer. It's been fine with the exception of the last two months. We had to bring it back to the dealer three times with the same issue because the dashboard lights lit up and stayed on or kept flashing. The first time we were told it was because the oil was dirty, so they changed the oil. We use synthetic oil and the oil was changed at the 7000 mile interval prior to the problem. The second time, we were told it was a sensor (I forgot what type). They replaced the sensor and it was ok. It was ok for about two weeks. The third time we were told it was a fuel sensor. They want to replace it as well and the mechanic wants to drive the car home (about 40 miles) to test it. I would appreciate any suggestions. I am nervous about this car now. If the lights go on again, I may want to get rid of the car. Does anyone know what my legal or other options would be?

    Thanks, ESA
    silver streak ·
    why isn't my question to the forum listed when all the questions come up to view on the right hand side? How do I know it's visible for everyone?
    pdm70 ·
    I have written twice now asking why I cannot post a new thread and have gotten no response. Can you help?
    hmorse ·
    Dear Administrator: I really like the monthly emails with tips! I just completed a nasty round with Kenwood in regards to the 5.0 navigation update that was released last month, after I purchased it. Turns out it is a complete waste of money, and I would like to write an article so that members will not spend their hard earned money on this piece of crap that embarasses Subaru. I'll keep it brief, but how would you like me to prtoceed? Thanks. [email protected]
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