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  • KYBubblehead ·
    You pulled a Scamp with your Outback? We're thinking of a Scamp (16 foot) and would be really interested to hear your thoughts!
    Stavi ·
    Hey just wondering how well the plastidip has held up for you, looking to black out the grill of my 2016 outback but wanted to know if you did it again if you would or take it somewhere to get painted, thanks!
    GBMaryland ·
    Re: your sticky thread

    Perhaps it's time to mention the oil burning in certain 2.5L engines, and the common rate of consumption in the 3.6L engines.

    My 3.6R is burning about 1 QT every 4300 miles, and I understand it not uncommon to burn oil in that engine. However, the 2.5L Outbacks are selling way more units, and it appear people are seeng several QTs between 7500 mile change intervals. (My wife included...)

    Most recently, on the board, someone posted that Subaru is "fixing" the issue by lowering to oil level sensor to detect at .5QTs Lowe, and flashing the firmware to support the new sensor. (For the 2.5i....)
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