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  • hyde11 ·
    I see you have a bike posted on the back of your outback....I am about to do the same. Did you upgrade rear suspension, or is it fine stock? I am considering king springs and new struts (need struts anyways)....also considering a 1 inch lift kit all around. My outback is older than yours I think - I have a third gen.

    Thanks. D
    HuttHutt ·
    hey,, yeah , its a big basket Mega-Warrior and i've had it on my vw wagen and an suv and MPG gets hit everywhere. although its useful it sucks at aerodynamics. Problem i have is comparisons,, my big terrible rolling resistance winter tires are on the car and they are not helping the MPG's either as im lucky to get 24. But i'd say the basket probably takes away 2 - 3 mpgs. I just took it off and going to see what i get in the next week,, I just bought a Yakima Skybox so i want to compare to that , For what its worth the wind noise is not bad
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