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  • cseemann ·
    Hate to bother you but you seem to be the man who knows subies. I have a 2008 subaru non turbo outback with 95,000mi and am just starting to spice her up and need your advice. I am looking to change the air intake system and was wondering what is the best. I live in montana and drive is all harsh conditions, mud puddles, snow, dust, high elevations ext. I came to the conclusion that a cold air intake will not work in my environment and am thinking about a short ram intake. I have heard everyone talking about the casmo racing CAI/SRI with a K&N filter. What do you think?? What would you do?? I also have exhaust so it should go good with the intake system but not sure what to do. I ordered a set of stock light weight pulleys for the crank and power steering. What do you think, anything else you would do? I really appreciate any advice and look forward to hearing from you.
    sincerely Corey Seemann
    The Infamous Josh ·
    Good evening, BHeinz. I live in Bellevue and I've seen a bunch of your posts in the forum. You seem like a guy who knows a lot of stuff I'd like to know. I have an 08 OBW and I'm looking for snow tires because those Potenzas are pretty lousy for winter. I'm probably gonna grab a set of Blizzaks but I'm wondering if you know of a good, local salvage yard where I can get some wheels. My thinking here is that it's better to switch the whole tire/wheel setup than to take off the tires and let them sit in my garage over winter. Lemme know if I'm wrong, shouldn't bother you, search the forums a bit more, or whatever.

    Thanks in advance,
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