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  • Outbackdiesel2016 ·
    Dear Boston OB,

    first i would like to introduce myself. My name is Meijer from the Netherlands and driving a outback diesel 2016. It is a fantastic car, but there is one problem. I saw the movie of BostonOB "dash rattle" and noticed it is the exact same rattle i have. I made short a movie also, please check this movie at youtube outback diesel dash rattle left side.

    They strange thing is, it only occurs when the engine is warm and between the 1000-2500 rpm, speed between 20-70 kph.

    At this moment the dealer does not know what the problem is. they checked the groundcable, airco and brake
    guidance and some covers under the dashboard. At this moment Subaru Netherlands examine the problem, but no answers yet. I hope that you might be able to help me. I m getting really crazy of that sound.

    Kind regards,
    Defective2015Outback ·

    My assessment is that they have made some strides, but they have NOT solved all the root causes, like the production quality variations. I have 3 pieces of hard data. Test drove Summer build Outback and liked the car, kept it overnight and put lots of miles on it. Then ordered 1st Outback to get exactly what I wanted. The build quality on that car was FAR different than the Summer Build. The replacement Outback I have now drives and performs like the summer Outback. The summer and current one are quiet with only normal wind noise from the design of side mirrors and roof rails.

    So 3 Outbacks, all built about 3 months apart. So in my case, 1 out of 3 is a lemon. But that is a limited data set. The other variable is that the Outback I test drove in late summer was during hot weather and the other two have been in cool and cold weather. So could also be thermal component.
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