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  • bradze ·
    theyre great on the road and im extremely impressed with how well they do offroad. these tires now make me believe mud tires are pretty much unnecessary on a road going vehicle. but they aren't very heavy for their size and theyre pretty reasonably priced. they should last me a few years. im sticking with these tires from now on!
    austinmark ·
    How have you liked your Cooper Discoverers? I'm about to get a '12 3.6R and am thinking about those. I live in Austin and have to do a LOT of highway driving to get to the mountains, so I'm especially curious to hear what you think of their road handling? And road noise????
    tseven ·

    I think I know why your signature is "broken".
    I've experienced something similar when copying and pasting style codes. The forum expects standard quotes like " but sometimes they get swapped for stylized quotes like: “ <-- Notice how it's slanted?

    I'm guessing something like that happened to your signature.

    If you'd like to fix the way it looks try replacing it with the following code:
    Signature -
    you may need to delete the extraneous tags/code from around your quote.

    Sorry, the forum doesn't allow font size in PMs.

    Hope this helps.
    starkiller ·
    Eagleeye mentioned that you live in the Yelm area and might know of a place that can install two new front door crossovers....thoughts??


    vmialik ·
    How'd you install the lightbar specifically running wires i have a loadwarrior and thinking or running a light bar with a quick disconnect. What is your brand btw and length

    Thanks mate!
    codeman1398c ·
    Hey man,

    I was wondering if I could get some clarification from you. I saw that you have the GT Spec front and rear strut braces. Are they the GTS-SUS-1387 and GTS-SUS-1425 that are for the Legacy GT? I wanted to be positive before I dove head-first into the project. Thanks for your time.

    bradze ·
    never got around to it yet, its not push button, i just got a permanent fob thing that stays where key goes. car wont start without accesscard. id like to hook it up but i wont **** with electronic stuff. thought itd be as easy as hooking up gauges but i was so wrong. hopefully soon ill get to it though
    bradze ·
    thanks, i wouldn't recommend it on the stock wheels, im sure you CAN, but that doesn't mean you should. the biggest difference is the actual tire, the contis are so horrible! my wheels are 8" wide, the stockers are 7"
    ucsbwalker ·
    Hey, I noticed you are running 235/55/17's on you OB, which looks really nice btw! Do you think those would clearance wise with the stock wheels? It looks like you have additional offset for your wheels... I know the clearance to the spring/strut in the front is pretty slim with the 225 from the factory already. I have read a million threads about this too, just want your direct opinion. Thanks!
    subiesailor ·
    Our old Red Doberman is a over grown lap dog also but beyond that the personality the breed has is being a bit shy and timid which for sure is how he is with kids always has been which has always been a negative. I'm not into the over bred breeds like the labs and golden or golden doodle or whatever LOL - boxer was tempting every boxer I spent time with was really good with kids but the breed has lots of health issues.

    The German Short hair seemed like a good alternative short hair is a must! Not going back to long hair dogs ever again. LOL
    subiesailor ·
    Hey Bradz hows the German Short hair with kids? I've never had one or been around one before. My red Doberman super mellow dude is 14yrs old and is getting down to the end game. Thinking the German Short hair would have enough energy to keep up with two kids and have a pretty good personality all while avoiding the over bred breeds.

    Curious what your thoughts are on the breed? The old red Doberman has been rock solid but way to reserved for kids even when he was young he would get miffed and bail if people got to rough or active around him ha ha.
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