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  • derbed ·

    Almost ready to pull the trigger on the ADF 2". I want the capability that my Isuzu Trooper had plus the 245's. Then I'd take it out in the dirt for sure! Most of my driving is freeway commuting in heavy L.A. traffic. 120 miles rt.
    Being that this is the only car I have, am I going to regret a lift?

    kyle628 ·
    hello, someone told me that you do some trail riding out in WV. I was wondering where abouts in WV. I am in virginia and looking for a group to meet up with to do some outtings.
    Jess LaMange ·
    I just wanted to tell you a huge
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    Whenever I need something for my car, I google it and you are there. So far you've taught me to change my spark plugs and my a.c. belt. I'm going to change the fuel filter next, thanks to you!
    You've saved me a ton of $$$.
    I'll even share your info with my friend who just got a 2003 Subaru. She'll love knowing she can fix it too.
    Thank you so much!!!
    subiesailor ·
    Hey Brucey

    You fool much with the Admin capability of the forum?

    Just an idea not sure if the format would give you the ability to do it.

    But what would your thoughts be on a "Camping" forum bucket listed right under the "General" on the forum page? Seems like it would be pretty fitting of the OB folks we get lots of camping related threads going in the spring as people start to surface from the winter.

    I also finally am surfacing from a 5yr little kid purgatory!! Youngest will be 3yrs this spring and wife and I are chomping at the bit to get some camping trips planned!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!
    Jesus-SupaJew ·
    Good morning Brucey,

    I've noticed that you're a very big contributor to this site, so I thought you may be a good person to ask this question to:

    Do you know where I can find a downloadable FSM for a 2.5 SOHC (2nd gen)?


    Mike S.
    Marcos ·
    Brucey, thanks for all your posts, I appreciate it all! I had a question about the cv joint posts. I've read thru them all. Both my inner boots are gone. Joints still good. In your opinion - does the source of the boot matter - napa, subie, etc? And - does subaru have a special grease unique to their joints? I couldn't find those answers in the threads or I missed it.

    Thanks in advance!

    Tom Pedersen ·
    Hi Brucey I am new here and got my self into a bit of Jam. I rushed into changing my Oil in a 2.5 2001 Outback Automatic transmission and in a moment of stupidity drained the transmission fluid. So When I went and filled the Oil I thought it seemed too full, but I started the car and put it into gear. Now I have of course realized my mistake and filled the transmission fluid and it wont go into gear. Any help? Suggestions? Please and Thank You!!!
    eagleeye ·
    Hey brucey, I just wanted to remind you to update your about me. (maybe keep the listing about how long you had the defunct 2000 H4 auto) Crosstrek? hope they figured out a way to make the professional car reviewers think it has more zip to make it on the on ramps that are too short for merging into 70mph traffic.
    taptap ·
    hello brucey, i would like to ask a few questions if i may. 1st off i have the 1999 outback legacy, it began having the drive gear issues of not engaging. after online research i came across treads that mentioned seals or old fluid. so i followed your advice changing fluids. the 1st thing i noticed was the fluid on the dipstick had the burnt smell, but when i drained the pan the fluid looked as if it had never been touched and had no smell at all. i began replacing the fluid at about 3.5 quarts the fluid began pouring out of the dipstick hole, and has remained at that level. any suggestions, lol time is an essence my warranty expires in 5 days, thankyou tap
    boxterfan67 ·
    Sorry, sir. I believe that my earlier plea for help was premature, as soon as I sent my message to you I was able to retrieve the one in question. Thanks anyway, this site is fabulous! Wish I had known about it a long time ago; friendly people who share the same feelings about their OB's. I also appreciate the all of the knowledge and help from everyone connected to this site.

    Muchas gracias!
    boxterfan67 ·
    Good morning Brucey, this is boxterfan 67. Been here 4 mos. now and haven't quite figured this site out. I have a message from another user, 1Lucky Texan, but do not know how to access it. Can you help me? I may not even be able to read your reply should I get one. Thanks so much.
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