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  • Foment_life ·
    Hi Brucey, Happy Birthday!

    I've seen a few of your posts and you seem pretty knowledgeable 'bout these cars, and if I'm not mistaken have the same engine in your vehicle that I have.

    I'm having some trouble with my car idling, and the CEL is on for a low voltage to the IACV code (I'd need to get it read again to tell you the exact code). I'm hoping you've got some insight or possibly experience resolving this issue. I've attached the link to my post, which should contain a bit more information.

    Thanks in advance,
    jjrp6 ·
    brucey - i am having an intermittent starting problem on my 2003 outback wagon. Occasionally i get in and turn the key and one click. just had 60K service, new battery, etc. after shifting into neutral i got the starter to crank, etc, then shifted back to park and it started right up. similar has happened but not too often. what is a good plan, neutral safety switch, then ignition switch then starter? any suggestions? thanks in advance.
    Impatient ·
    Hey. I wanted to ask a question about mounting rear shocks. I'll post it on the thread you started, but wanted to alert you. Basically trying to figure out if once you remove the lower bolt if there is still tension on the strut. Your description sort of implies there is no tension, but my newb suspicion is there is still tension, and you must basically deal with it by slowly by lowering the support under the eyelet (or raising the rear suspension). Am I making any sense?
    bmwboarder ·
    Thanks for the message on ecomodder Brucey. I wrote a response, but I haven't posted enough on there yet to get pm priveleges I guess. I've still got a ways to catch up with you though :) I've never gotten any trip over 35mpg yet, so getting a full or even partial tank is pretty much impossible for now. So far though, all I've really done is copy you though! It sure is nice to get better gas mileage, so thanks for helping me out so much.
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