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  • Masterwoo ·
    Hi. Just noticed from your post in the bi xenon fog light that you are in the Bay Area also. Really cool mod and we have an identical car from eyesight to the exterior color. :) good choice in your selection.

    Have you done anything to make your car more like SAP like memory seats and the side mirror?

    dsocall ·
    Hello sir!
    I'm brand new here, but have a technical question you seem very well qualified to answer! I have a 2014 Outback with Eyesight. I've purchased the illumination kit and the sill plate kit and had a friend who works at "car toys" install it all (Subaru wouldn't do it do to the Eyesight option). He has everything installed and wired, except has two wires left to tap into existing wires. I read your post about where you tapped into. But could you tell me the color of the wires you tapped into the shifter light and the lighter light? He' afraid he'll hook on to the wrong wire and burn out the LEDs. Can you help me? Any advice, even it it's very basic (I'm stupid about this!) would be so helpful to me. Thanks! Dan
    DrRon ·

    I hope your dealer can solve the NAV problem for you, either with a replacement unit or the SW update.

    I know you've taken some time on the VSS hack. Since I respect you for your custom work can I ask you a couple of questions?

    It seems like disconnecting the VSS input to Connector E has no negative effects on any other system functions. So the VSS signal into the NAV HU drives only the NAV dispay interrupt function and any other system gets VSS signal from another connection.

    So I could remove pin 17 from connector E, insert a 12V signal connector in its place and be good to go, right?

    If I was concerned about warranty issues I would use a mini harness that I could remove to restore the OEM setup. Is that how you would do it?

    If I knew where the VSS signal entered the green wire feeding Connector E, I would work that end and avoid having to remove the HU from the dash.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts,
    Budaru ·
    Oh and there was a problem with the plastic tubes, once I figured out that they were to protect the car from the bolts. Of course they wouldn't fit in the 1/4 inch holes that they told me to drill. I had to drill larger holes to finally get them in. And I had to cut half of them off. Anyway, it's all installed and looks great. I've already found myself reaching for it, and I'm sure it will help my wife a lot, since she's shorter than I am.
    Budaru ·
    Ok finally all done, after lots of swearing, bleeding, scraping arms, and a trip to the hardware store. The #$%^& bolts were too short to get the nuts on, using all the washers. Didn't read this post, so kept trying. Got the left one on, but the right just wouldn't go. Then the nut fell off the right, which happened a lot, but this time it totally disappeared. I looked everywhere. So off to the hardware store to but another. While there I bought a thinner rubber washer and a thinner metal washer. With those, I could finally get the **** nut on.

    Thanks again for the help.
    jogosub ·
    Just use the handle bar, rubber washer against the body of the rear gate and then, from inside, ss steel washer and self-locking nuts....that is what I have done on my 2013 OB.
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