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  • tibug ·
    Just randomly thought of you today, I haven't been on this forum in months and you have no idea who I am but I was impressed by your wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it. Last I was on here you were MIA for a long time, so happy to see you're back.
    SoundsGood ·
    Boy did my eyes light up when I saw CARDOC plated sleeper VDC on 183 on my way to work back this summer! Glad you're back. You mentioned a new shop up north? I was looking for a reason to give you a visit, but had no real issues at the moment. Just discovered a torn boot on FR cv axle. I need to further inspect it, no noticeable noise or vibration issues. Looking for more info to see if I can get away with a reboot. If not, I'll replace. I did notice another 2006 showed up at WrenchAPart, but the photo shows damage to the FR wheel. Not sure if it's worth taking a look at to see if it's original and in decent shape. Other than this, car is still in good shape. Cheers!
    aaronlvnv ·
    Hi there,

    I followed your great series of posts on diagnosing a P0420 code almost 2 years ago to successfully correct a problem with my Outback. Now its back, and I think it might be an "edge" case. Are you accepting P0420 questions? Would it be better to post question in a forum? I'd be happy to pay for your consulting time too.


    mdywv ·
    Glad to see you back! I have been helped by many of your posts as I've worked on my '06, and hope that all is well with you.
    robertaus ·
    Hi cardoc

    Just wondering if you would be able to share the tuning definitions that were used for your supercharged outback?, i've followed the progress across the multitude of forums haha and seems like you made good headway

    i've got a ez30d manual swapped Liberty (aus)
    been working on the tune myself, have been able to dig out some tables in my rom based on what was already defined in ecu flash, but its missing ones such as ve ect

    Any help would be appreciated cheers!
    robotboy69 ·
    Hey cardoc,

    I have a Gen2 Outback and I've been looking to do the projector retrofit but I wanted to ask you some quick questions since you've had a lot of experience with this.

    It looks to me like the single bulb housing would be easier to retrofit, but do you run into any issues with wiring the single bulb housing when my car uses the 2 bulb housing?

    Also, are there any advantages of doing the 2 bulb housing over the single bulb housing? Do you have a preference as to which you would use?

    I want the car to be more fitted for offroad use, so I want to make my headlights as bright and useful as possible.

    Thanks in advanced!
    jonny simmons ·
    hi cardoc- 1st ly thanks for the links to the pdf for my vdc.
    - now the issue.
    "mistakenly thought that timing chain length lhs/rhs would be specified in workshop manual.."= wrong.
    "mistakenly thought that timing chain setup would be specified for setting up with chain markings and WITHOUT in workshop manual.."= wrong
    1) 2 timing chains= 2 lengths lhs?rhs? your guess is better than mine!

    2) colored links dont seem to line up even close to where they should do on the sprockets..
    3) unfortunatly, the tensioners fell out of my oily hand onto the floor- and came aprat. seems simple screw/ oil pressure holding the piston up.. do you have a pic of the correct assembly?
    4) they dont compress down to anywhere near where the pin hole is to insert drill bit/ split pin into keep them compressed..

    thanks for help on this one.. jonny in australia..
    vwtech ·
    I checked both inner tie rods and didn't find any play, when I move the wheels back and forth with the car off the ground it almost feels like it moves too freely with not enough resistance. I have also checked every bushing and found no excessive play I then bounce checked the struts and got one bounce.
    THEMCV ·
    Huh, okay. I figured I needed to be careful since they hang down farther than anything else on the car.

    Thanks cardoc.
    cardoc ·
    The SubarCharged has Cats. 2 heavy metal spun rated at 6.2L each.
    The Green Machine, which I don't own any longer and the one in the video you refer to has a UEL header, dual Cat pipe, an 18" glass pack resonator mid-pipe and another glass pack at the rear.

    You can have a pipe made to take the place of the Cat pipe when off road. Take down the Cat pipe, leaving the O2 sensor for fuel management, put in the Catless; then swap back after your shenanigans.

    Unless you are doing severe off roading, you shouldn't have to worry about the Cats.
    THEMCV ·
    Hey cardoc,

    I had a question about your exhaust system on your car, specifically regarding the catalytic converters.

    I saw your "NEW PIPES" video on YouTube and it doesn't look like you have any. Does your car throw a CEL because of that? I'm trying to plan ahead if one of my car's catalytic converters ever gets hit going off road if I can just get rid of it without always throwing a CEL and getting worse mileage. I'm still not sure if the O2 sensors are a part of the catalytic converter or not.

    TCOB ·
    Hi Cardoc - Just wanted to say hello! I'm new to the forum, but I appreciate all your info you have shared on here, and also on YouTube. I'm one of your subscribers on YouTube (Scott1tothe7) also! The work on your Outback is pretty amazing and one of a kind.

    Happy trails!
    gordongolf ·
    Re my post about whether the Walker catalytic converter was OK to replace the OEM one. Thanks for pointing out your thread, but my question wasn't answered. Could you advise, please?
    cardoc ·
    Shemmy, contact Ed at Xtreme Racing Tuning or Ed at Fast Performance Tuning about retuning your ROM. Ed @ XRT did 3 revisions to the ROM on mine prior to the SC installation and it improved throttle, low end and fuel economy. Other than that, keep the fluids clean, carbon to a minimum and use the highest octane available.
    Shemmy ·
    Quick question for you - what are some minor improvements that can be made to the EZ30D? I've already tweaked the suspension, and I know that the intake's fairly well situated. Without going for FI or major motor mods, what would you say my options are?
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