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  • Robert11 ·
    Hi Carl,

    Happy holidays, and thanks for previous help.

    New OB owner. 2019 2.5i Limited.

    Was very, to put it mildly, surprised to go to the garage yesterday morning and find the rear gate open.

    Probably squeezed when I sat down somewhere.
    (or is there some history of "self-activation" ?)

    Is there any way to program the key fob, e.g., that it takes 2 or 3 presses in say 5 seconds to activate ? Can Dealer do this ?

    I see in the Manual that it is possible for the Dealer to completely De-Activate this button on the fob.

    If he does this, how would one activate it using the inside the car button ?

    Or must it be via the rear gate button on the gate itself ?

    What "limitations," or steps would this approach have if I have him do it ?

    Regards, and thanks,
    Bob [email protected] (direct might be best)
    buffaloe ·
    Posted a message on forums whereby I yanked out my factory OEM 7” HK w/ navigation head unit it and amp. I installed a Pioneer and new amp , kept the factory HK speakers. They sound much better . I looked all over and didn’t find many doing this to the 2015-17 era OB. I posted my journey if someone else wants tot do the glad the help someone if you run across them in your Subie travels.

    Btw- way fun now as I installed 2” lift, skid plates, bar in front and Yakima rack. Took it out to Telluride, CO and did 3 passes this past August. JEEP guys were “ man, a Subie is up here what the...”
    moosekevin ·
    Hi Carl,

    I hope you don't mind me reaching out to you directly. 1 Lucky Texan from the site suggested I contact you to answer a question.

    Do you know if a Subaru dealership can un-certify or de-certify a CPO vehicle?
    I spoke to Dan Robke at Joseph Subaru of Florence yesterday about getting a 10yr/100k Gold Plus extended warranty on a Legacy I want to buy, but he asked if it was a CPO Subie and said there were issues adding a Gold Plus to a CPO vehicle.
    The dealership that has the vehicle I want said they can't de-certify a car, but a call to my local dealership said there was no problem doing that.

    I'm hoping you can help answer my questions and if possible tell me what needs to be done. I'd love to tell the one dealership how to go about going it.

    Carl Abrams ·
    Loaners if they have cars available. Some dealerships don't have them. Obviously we do, but we only have 25 of them. I have no idea how many there are in the DFW area, sorry.
    1 Lucky Texan ·
    Just wondering if it's 'policy' to offer loaners on airbag recall service or is it a dealership decision?

    got letters on my cars, kinda wondering what to expect. (If I can get a loaner, I might travel farther to a different dealer than Hiley)


    Carl R. Downey
    grantwilson ·
    I built it.

    There are a few options out there, either a DIY (easy diy) method i can walk him through, or a few you can buy (wilco i think makes one?)
    natskiboy ·
    Hi Carl,

    Do you know which 12V socket has a 15AMP rating on the Gen 5 OB? I am planning to get a 12V portable tire compressor that has a 15A rating and want to make sure I can use it without blowing any fuses.

    AlexandR ·
    Hi Carl,

    How are you?
    My name is Alex, I'm from Canada and this week I received the VIN for my 2016 Outback.
    Could you please help me identify if that's one of the units with the well-known problem that caused so many owners to have their cars stopped for repairs?
    What part of the VIN number I have to send you?

    Thank you!

    buffaloe ·
    Will assume no recalls or SA notices to-date. What is recommended path going forward ? Just call them or?. Either way I have to get this windshield fixed again as the crack is creeping out 2 ft. My biggest issue is to ensure SA knows this is occurring out here and take action. I'm sure through dealerships they are learning of issue. They either have to make a better windshield which may limit the abilities of Eyesight or not make better one and credit the Eyesight amount paid by customers. (Expensive)

    Q: is this just an issue with 2015's that are equipped with Eyesight or open all 2015's ?
    buffaloe ·
    It happened again Carl and I posted this on the web:

    "Own a 2015 OB with eyesight cameras.

    1st time..2 days after I owned the car. Cracked from bottom up 1. 5 ft .Slight knock by very small rock.
    2nd time...7k or 8 months of ownership. No rock hits. Once again,crack from passenger side corner towards middle 1.5 ft.

    There is something to this problem. Owned many cars , lived in Colorado and never had this "bad luck". I think the windshields made for the Eyesight cameras are made thinner to accommodate for clearer view. Another source told me it could be to the multilayered windshield for better soundproofing.

    Something is going on."

    Love the car but now questioning what appears to be manufacturing defect...

    LH1 ·
    Hi Carl,, e

    Really appreciate the info you provide here - wish I were closer to Okla, would love to do business with you.

    I'm in California and have a 2016 Outback on order and wonder if you'd have a chance to check its status, especially re the gasket stop sale problem. My salesperson seems to not be aware of this issue.

    My VIN is:


    Thank you very much.

    buffaloe ·
    What do you think of Subaru Baja's? Glorified Outback with pickup bed?

    My son has 2011 Impreza Sport and thinking of getting a Baja 2006.

    Turbo or non-turbo?

    Car (Baja)will have around 95K mile on it...
    buffaloe ·
    Hi Carl...saw you out here in SUBY LAND. Go sell some cars.

    Ps- these zealots on wond noise are just plan nuts. Do they not read about the fix SOA has pre-Oct 2014?
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