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  • Gusser1011 ·

    Greetings from an EE from Cooperstown. I have a 2003 Outback LLBean auto wagon which needs a driveshaft. I've checked local scrappers and a bit online. Would you know of a source? Thanks.

    Billymod ·

    yours did the same thing? and it was your left wheel bearing? and yes it sounds like revving the car, with the RRRRRRRRRR
    subaruman49 ·
    Hey Dave,

    Would like to get your thoughts on my thread since you have the same car. Could you take a look ?

    Fuel pump issue

    much appreciated

    truckerdawg ·
    I just noticed you posted that the 02 H6 fuel pump can take the longer 04 H6 fuel pump metal cap-from the post where the o ring swelled and ruined mtlsuby's tangs that holds the cap to the plastic reservoir. Are you sure that the application works because I will have to drive 90 miles one way to my Subaru dealer?-not trying to be smart! I just had the same problem. Thanks in advance.
    CNY_Dave ·
    The H6 is pretty reliable. Some early ones had the timing chain guides come apart, but that's pretty rare. If the chains are quiet at 149k it is probably past that problem.

    The serp belt idler and tensioner pulley bearings fail early, at 149k they will need changing if they have not been done (if they are tight and quiet with the belt off, they're fine). The bearings can be replaced, 6 bucks each or so.

    The H6 rarely has a head gasket problem- have the mech look for a green tinge at the head gasket joint. Like any car some percentage of the gaskets will fail.

    Have the mech check for rusty looking or loose driveshaft u-joints, mine had a little play at 170k (but I was still driving on it until past 197k).

    The H6 makes more power so check if the front diff and trans fluids are in good shape.
    itmustbeslim ·
    Hey, I have a question about your h-6 VDC. I have been browsing this forum and noticed that you have a lot of input on this motor. I recently sold my 03' H4 Legacy wagon and have found an 02' H6 VDC for 6 grand with 149K. While I am not intimidated by thte miles on a Subaru, I am still wary because there just isn't a lot of info out there that I am finding about how these engines do with high miles. How has yours been? Anything major you would warn me about? I am going to have a mechanic do a pre-buy inspection but is there anything I should be focused on?
    Thanks so much for your help.
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