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  • sd.michael22 ·
    Or, is there a separate master cylinder pressure sensor in the master cylinder I can replace? Or?

    Additionally, there was a crazy OHM reading from the rear left brake light harness. I replaced the bulbs and did a system reset (unplugged the battery for 60mins). It did not help.

    My other option beside the module is to install the load resistors just in case. Im not convinced its a rear brake light issue that everyone else spoke of. I checked the gas cap.

    Random I know! Anything helps.

    sd.michael22 ·
    I bought a salvage outback (save the speeches ya ya ya) and have cleared most of the lights myself. Currently, the VDC light is on and brake light is flashing. The dealer has pulled code C0074, master cylinder pressure sensor.

    I pulled the TSB, took it to the dealer. He could not reset or re calibrate the master cylinder pressure sensor because there is a 0.3 bar ambient pressure on the sensor.

    They recommended replacing the ABS module as that is where the sensor is housed and the hydraulic cylinder.

    I have looked into the rear brake lights possibly causing the fault.

    Would you replace the module?
    sd.michael22 ·
    Hey man. Sorry for being so direct but Im in a bind and you seem very smart. Thanks in advance for any and all help. I would very much appreciate any info you can give me! Ill paste in below. Additionally, do you have and pics of the load resistors? Or where I would install them? I also replaced the headlights with OEM lights, could that have done it? Thanks such much once again. PS my email is [email protected]
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