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  • Mark W. Martin ·

    I saw your name posted in a thread mentioning that you had recently gotten a 2008 Outback LL bean addition.

    I am currently searching for either a 2008-2009 LL Bean or 2008-2009 XT limited to replace my 1997 Legacy GT wagon that has 245,000 Miles on it.

    I was just wondering if you could tell me how you like it and if you are familiar with the XT Limited? What things I should look for in either model? Do the H6's have the same head gasket issues as the four cylinder models? I had mine replaced at 97K which I guess is pretty typical.

    I found an 2008 LL Bean with 79k miles that I am going to drive today. I haven't driven either of the cars I am interested in but I did drive a 2008 Outback limited but I felt that the shift points with the AT made it sluggish and not as responsive as my GT. Some searches on that is what got me interested in cars with the 5 speed AT.

    Any info would be appreciated.


    DavidPeab ·
    Sorry Paul, I haven't surfed down there in 20 years. This is another activity like back woods X-country skiing that ends with "and then I had kids." Hit Rt 12, the local road that runs closest to the ocean, not the highway and look for surf shops when you get as far as NC. There used to be a fairly decent one in Duck. Also, search for them on your phone. The folks there might be willing to share a break or tell legend of a good one further south. BTW, bring a wet suit. The waters probably still 40-50 degrees F.

    I had an 8' Hobie that should be in a museum. :) Hang ten dude.
    grimsurfer ·
    Hi David,

    I got your contact details from @eagleeye, who thought you might be able to provide some info on surf breaks in the Hilton Head, SC area. I'm going down there in a few weeks. It's not the best time of the year, but it's way warmer (and has better surf) than Canada!

    I'm a mal rider (8' Walden), but have a 7' fish (Superfish II). Any good breaks or handy beach entrance points?

    Oh yea, I'll also swing by Myrtle Beach for a few days as well.


    DavidPeab ·
    I used a buffer which made a huge difference. More than a year later now and they are maybe only 85% as clear, but no yellowing.
    batmobile ·
    hey just read an old thread on headlight restoration but was wondering if your windex, blue cleaner and mineral spirits restoration is as good as other products? seems easy and cheap. but...does the headlight re-fog often or re-yellow often? if so how much...
    dont want to start making the surface of them yellow by using products.
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