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  • DCVentures ·
    2013 Outback Limited Navigation Issues with Delay

    I need your help!
    1. Can you test this in your car and see if it does similar. Please say if you are in a northern climate or southern climate. maybe temerature
    2013 outback limited with Navi. this is a new system by fujitsu.
    I think there are more bugs and no software upgrade to be had as yet. Just trying to determin if I have a defective Navi or are we all in the same boat.
    check out this Video on Youtube.
    Subaru Outback Limited 2013 Navigation Screen and software issues - YouTube

    2 - There is also the slide volume control which is set all the way over to the left. Any minute adjustment to the right and its too loud.
    any minute adjustment to the left turns the volume off.

    3. Back up camera confirmation for blue tooth obscuring camera while backing up.

    Thanks much everyone.
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