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    Hey DenisMcG. I saw your post about the oil cooler leak and had a question about your valve cover gasket swap job. I am looking at doing that tomorrow as the drivers side is leaking, and my oil cooler is also leaking. I have a 2001 H6 also, did you have to jack up the engine to do either of them? Did you use any RTV silicone on the gaskets? What was the torque spec? I have watched multiple videos online and read posts, but it seems like a lot of people own the 4 cyls, but not as many with the 6 cyls??? I am fairly mechanically inclined, but don't want to get into something I can't handle as I live in the mountains an hour away from any major city. Any info would help a lot. It seems like this job is not too complicated, just a pita as you have to remove so much crap to even see the valve covers. Thanks in advance!
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