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  • fajnesubaru ·
    As a newbie I have to post 15 posts before they let me send private messages but I like those rims a lot (not too sporty and not too mini vanish :) so I had to contact you because I couldn't find them anywhere. Thank you for your info regarding Tire Rack, I will definitely check it out.
    Enjoy you Holidays, all the best.
    OBnube ·
    I thought I sent a rim response just before I responded to this request??? Somebody is scratching their head wondering why I sent them something. I bought the rims through the dealer from TireRack. They gave me 15% off so I jumped. They are a Sport Edition Wheel. IIRC they were Model P7. I say were because they have been discontinued. It was just after the tsunami in Japan and they were never produced again.

    I looked on TireRack and the closest I could find was the Sport Edition F-12. If you're not familiar with TireRack they have a "configurator" to show any wheel on your type car. I'm thinking of getting a winter tire set for trips to Lake Tahoe and I've got my eye on them.

    This site is pretty laid back. People bark a lot but no biting. It is very rare for it to get personal. The biggest bitch is a first time poster asking an easily searched question that's asked all the time. Especially "which is better 4 or 6 cylinder?" I've heard NASIOC can get a bit testy.
    OBnube ·
    I just saw your friend request and in all the years and posts on the site I have never received a request or even knew what it was about. I don't do any of the social sites but we're talking Subaru's here so I'm in. Thanks.
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