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  • Fibber2 ·
    Personally, Greg, I think they look great, but beware that they will take some more attention to keep they looking good. My set came badly balanced from Tirerack. And it's not the first time this has happened to me over the years. TR sent me to a local Firestone dealer (a TR associate) that did a butcher job on my new beautiful wheels! The spinner hub from the balancer put deep scratches thru the clearcoat on the front polished spokes, and they used a metal tool to remove the stick-on weights from the black interior leaving deep silver scrapes thru the paint. I demanded replacements, but they were out of stock by December. They inspected them and gave me a $200 refund and I had them repaired. So beware if anybody but you touches them in the future! Read them the "riot act" first!
    Fibber2 (Steve)
    soobienewbie ·
    Hi Fibber2,

    Saw on a bunch of threads you installed the Sport Tuning T8 wheels from TireRack. I'm ordering a set of winter tires mounted on the T8's and was wondering what you think of them now you've owned them for a while?


    Greg AKA soobienewbiew
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