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  • GlennBartley ·

    I noticed that you have done upgrades to the stereo on your 2015 outback. I am doing the same and am running in to a few difficulties.

    I have installed speakers in all of the doors and dash. I have also installed new tweeters and the Alpine 445U power pack.

    I have two problems. When I turn the volume up over about 25 I get a noticeable hissing sound from the speakers. I was thinking that this is coming from the head unit itself (I have the base model) and that the amp would help. But if I turn the gains up at all on the amp the hissing just gets worse!

    I also have a bit of a rattle with my tweeters that I need to diagnose.

    I just thought I would message a few others who have upgraded their audio and see if you have any suggestions or ideas I can try.

    Thank you very much for any advice.


    P.S. Ive got a thread going here too -
    00 outback ·
    hey dude, i have an 00 outback, im also a member you should check it out, its a lott like this site, but all for offroad the cars we all love so much lol
    your snorkle, i like the pre filter, where did you get it???
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