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  • S_Potential ·
    Hi gbhrps,

    I am a PhD student in Toronto, on a budget and looking to by a used 2002 Subaru Outback. Major problem is rust in particular one spot above the wheel (under fuel door). I know you posted on this topic before and I read that thread.

    I am concerned about the rust from an Ontario Safety Cert. and Emissions test perspective...and whether the cost of repair is worth it. I suspect it won't pass either just based on this rust problem.

    The car is otherwise in good shape, which makes it a shame. Seller wanted $2,800 CDN but is now willing to sell as is and I don't think it is worth more than $300-400 given just the rust repair cost to be road ready.

    Any wisdom here would be much appreciated. Should I run or make an offer?

    Thanks much
    gbhrps ·
    That front sealant should go from the front corners towards the rear of the car for, say 10 inches or so (its been a long time since I did my car, and that car was traded 4 years ago, sorry). As for leaks back by the seatbelt anchor in the headliner at the rear tailgate opening (I assume that's the one you're referring to), either your rear sunroof channels are plugged at the drain tubes, or the drain tube(plastic) has split at its connection to the channel or dropped off. Anyone can remove the floor panels in the rear, the C pillar panels that go around the rear side windows, the moulding at the top of the tailgate ceiling, the headliner plugs in the rear headliner, and rear overhead light and assist handles. The headliner can be pried down enough to get access to the channel drains and tubes to make repairs. Keep your hands clean so you won't mark the nap of the headliner. Good Luck!
    cathleenl ·
    Hi I went back to your post here as it was helpful. They put sealant on the front corners only of the back moonroof and I now just a get a few drops of water in the maplight once in a great while. However now I am getting water in the back and some drips out where the seatbelt is in the back roof. Should they have also sealed the back corners of the moonroof? I tried to go into your old post per your advice and it goes to a yellow pages link now. I wanted to look up your advice again.
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