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  • Giodog2000 ·
    Ok so to answer some of your questions, yes I have wind noise. When window is 100% rolled up , the rubber is tight. Now I haven't had the chance to try the radio test but will remember to do so when I get the chance to drive the car on the highway.

    Later ;-)
    Giodog2000 ·
    Sorry , I couldn't test today . I got caught up with something.
    I'll do the test tomorrow and will do the sound check also....will let you know!

    Awww man I love BC....In my youth , I was offered a job there as a bush pilot and I turned it down. It was a very nice experience to fly there. We were based at Coal Harbor and flew in and out of Phillips Arm. I will return some day ;-)

    Hola from Montreal , QC.
    Inoutback ·
    Thanks :)
    Also, would you mind telling me if you have wind noise currently and what kind.
    If you do, here is what I try to do to measure for may sanity sake:
    Drive with speed of 80 to 90 km/h
    Music on and gradually increasing up to the point where it covers the wind noise.
    For me this happens in a calm day at Volume on 18 or 19 and on a windy day like yesterday at Volume on 20.
    What would be that for you?
    Cheers from Victoria BC
    Inoutback ·
    Hi Giodog,
    would you be so kind and check something on your car, please?
    When you look at the top of the glass window on the driver side, window rolled up 100% there is a rubber black strip of the windows run channel between the glass and the metal frame. Can you tell me if it is tight squished or easy to pull/move down and see the shiny metal end of the frame?
    Mine allows me with little effort to pull down on it and it shows bare metal edge of the window frame.

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