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  • Stavi ·
    Hey I was just wondering did you also install a new head unit in your outback or you used the stock one?
    phupham ·
    sorry i don't get on this thing a lot and didn't see your message til now.
    So the two problems you mentioned the 1st sounds like perhaps with wiring, perhaps there's a poor connection or some interference during the install along the speaker lines, I would double check that and especially at the amp.

    The tweeter rattling could be from installation and i'm not sure how you did it but w/the ones I got it fits pretty squared so I didn't run into issues there.

    I hope that helps. Not sure how much further advice I could give w/o visually seeing things as you know.

    Good luck
    NCSubaruOutback ·
    I posted a response to your audio upgrade. Some other member may have some more insight but I would certainly start with checking the wiring.

    Does the *hissing* also increase in loudness as you accelerate the vehicle? If it does this is also called a ground loop which will also indicate and insecure ground. Also try to check for hissing when the engine is turned off. This guide may also help: Noise Suppression Guide - Noise Suppression Guide
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