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  • smithaus ·
    I hope all is well. I'm new to the forum. I have a few questions about lifting my 2011 Outback.
    1. Does Anderson Design and Fabrication provide longer exhaust hangers?
    2. Did you use the RalliTEK 1.4" Rear Raised Overload Springs or the RalliTEK 0.25" Rear Overload Springs ? I don't tow, but I have a ski carrier all winter. For my application what would you recommend?
    3. What springs did you end up for the front?
    4. Did you use different struts, if so which ones?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Faron's Outback ·
    Hello Grant,

    I have enjoyed watching you vids. And reading you posts... I hav had several mods done to my 2016 3.6 . I want to put a really good battery since this is the second battery Subaru has replaced..... I really don't want to put the optima yellow... Would like a couple of choices of better ones that are available?. What type ? marine ? And size would you put ??
    Please advise!!!
    Thanks for Taking ur time to answer!!
    Carl Abrams ·
    Quick question - I have a customer who is playing with his car, albeit not to the point you are - and he was wondering where you got your exterior spare tire mount? It's got to be a swing-a-way of some kind. (He may contact you directly - his name is John Garnett.) Anyway, just asking and I can pass it on to him. Thanks! -

    Denvereric ·
    Grant - wanted to show I really have an order. Let me know on the Ambassador coupon. Thx-EJ
    VON: 113660959
    Commitment Status: Dealer Reservation Eric Johnson
    Retail MSRP: $39,212
    Invoice Price: $35,958
    Pipeline Status: Ordered
    ETA: 2015-12
    Unit Type: PIPELINE
    Heuberger Motors, Inc. (090180)
    Clearwater99 ·
    I took this with one of these
    Digital E-mount 20.1 Mega Pixel Camera

    using a
    E 30mm F3.5 Macro (SEL30m35)

    Total cost 400 Australian dollars (so i would imagine a lot cheaper in the US)

    Good start out camera. I use it for my wife online wedding buisiness product photo's.

    Great start out camera for the beginer.
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